Human Rights Day 2011

Members of the Small Steps congratulate all those who promote and improve Human Rights in their communities, and today together with millions of people around the world we celebrate Human Rights Day 2011. As association for dialogue and peacebuilding in family and society, the Small Steps will continue to promote and improve the equality and the highest values of society and Human Rights as well, in order to show that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is enough space for everyone who wants to live with respecting equality and right to other and different.

Learning from the Experts

Julianne F. DeckardPlease find the new article ‘Learning from the Experts’ by Small Steps’ volunteer staff member Julianne Funk Deckard about her work with our organization. This article was published in Bosnian language in the December 2011 Peace Newsletter (Mirovne Novosti), of the Network for Peacebuilding (Mreža za Izgradnju Mira) Julianne F. Deckard talks about her experience and new knowledge gained, during her volunteering in Small Steps.

I am one of the many foreigners to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina and get hooked. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of us have innocently visited this small and unassuming country in the last twenty years and found ourselves hopelessly drawn in. When people ask us what is it about Bosnia-Herzegovina that is so enticing, we find it very hard to provide a satisfactory answer.

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Pax Christi International

Contribution to the Spirit of Compassion

for Suffering of People in the Balkans

1.      The Central/Eastern European Regional Pax Christi Consultation took place from 27th till 29th April 2011 in Vukovar, Croatia. Vukovar is a town in Croatia which was completely destroyed by Serbian forces in war that started almost 20 years ago. In the recent past, pictures of columns of exhausted civilians coming out of destroyed Vukovar shocked the people all around the world. At the present, Vukovar has becoming a symbol for “remembering,” but this “remembering” is not simply retrospective and historical. Its wounds are not healed; the town is still divided. But there are efforts of citizens and local government toward building inter-ethnic trust, blossoming the promise of inspiration and hope. Continue reading Pax Christi International