Our Mission & Vision

The mission of Mali Koraci (Small Steps) is to promote peace and nonviolence at all levels of Bosnian & Hercegovinian society: from the family, to the local community, and even at the national level. Small Steps is dedicated to an interfaith vision of peace and nonviolence, based on the historic experience of “the Bosnian spirit” and a pluralistic understanding of civil society.

An important part of the Bosnian ethos and spirit includes the beautiful normalcy of the ethno-religious mix that can still be felt despite the segregation produced by ethnic cleansing during the war and the ethno-political competition of today.

Mali Koraci promotes peace and nonviolence through inter-religious dialogue, non-violent communication trainings, and collaborative activities with people from different ethno-religious backgrounds in order to rediscover and rebuild this Bosnian ethos.

Mali Koraci’s vision is to see the Bosnian ethos and spirit restored as we remember how we are all interconnected, even our religious identities. In a world increasingly divided by race, class, religion, and ideology, the Bosnian ethos offers incredible hope for us all.