Conflict and the Potential for Pluralism – Analysing the Use and Misuse of Religion

European Project Interreligious Learning’s – In Zenica on 10 May, Small Steps’ Amra Pandžo and Julianne Funk Deckard participated the European Project Interreligious Learning’s (EPIL)  session on “Conflict and the Potential for Pluralism – Analysing the Use and Misuse of Religion”. Amra was both facilitator of the session with 40 women from Switzerland, Lebanon, Austria, the Netherlands, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, plus 12 Bosnian and Herzegovinian women peacemakers.

She herself was one of these 12 notable women peacemakers who were selected by a project of the TPO Foundation from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and were the focus of the session. The session explored the motivations and best experiences of each of these 12 women and the other participants’ thoughts on the subject of peacebuilding, religion and women.