Women Peacebuilders

Using the new book, Graditeljice Mira (Women Peacebuilders) about women who won the Nobel peace prize, Mali Koraci is leading workshops with teachers, NGO staff and youth in four locations in BiH. The workshops take themes from the Nobel prizewinners’ lives and teach related skills. The book is made up of chapters about each of the 15 women and concludes with eight workshops written by Amra Pandžo. Amra and Julianne Funk Deckard are implementing these workshops in April 2012 in Livno, Banja Luka, Bijelina and Tuzla. All workshops are implemented in cooperation with TPO Foundation.


The first workshop took place in Livno, in western Bosnia-Herzegovina, on 14 April. 24 women participated on a Saturday afternoon, discussing the life of American Nobel prize winner Jane Addams and learning mediation skills and the role of difference in relations.


The second workshop was held on 18 April in Banja Luka hosted by the youth and community organization Perpetuum Mobile and was attended by about 12 participants, mostly young people. In this workshop we considered the life and work of Swedish Nobelaureate Alva Myrdal, focussing on power and political action, especially for women.