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Our Handbook for Islamic Religious Educators is being used in Europe

By Naida Kurdi
Aljazeera Balkans

10703510_761713077218169_4474320111234500884_nAmra Pandžo has been a peace activist for almost twenty years. She finds motivation for her peace work in faith. Over the past 20 years she has worked with a large number of people in the region to overcome the consequences of war by engaging in activities dealing with reconciliation, conflict transformation, and peace education.

Immediately after the war, she was the originator of the first network of non-governmental organizations that worked across ethnic divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and she was also among the first to cross those divisions herself.

In the TPO Foundation survey, Amra was one of eleven women in Bosnia and Herzegovina who were recognized in their local communities as women who contributed to peace. She edited the Manual for the Teachers of Islamic Religion on the Peaceful Dimensions of Islam and co-author of the book The Peace Road, which was published in 2016. She is a member of the organizational team of Believers for Peace and on the board of directors for the widely acclaimed inter-religious choir Pontanima. She works at the American Corner of the Sarajevo Library and runs Small Steps, an association for dialogue in the family and society.

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Pax Christi International

Contribution to the Spirit of Compassion

for Suffering of People in the Balkans

1.      The Central/Eastern European Regional Pax Christi Consultation took place from 27th till 29th April 2011 in Vukovar, Croatia. Vukovar is a town in Croatia which was completely destroyed by Serbian forces in war that started almost 20 years ago. In the recent past, pictures of columns of exhausted civilians coming out of destroyed Vukovar shocked the people all around the world. At the present, Vukovar has becoming a symbol for “remembering,” but this “remembering” is not simply retrospective and historical. Its wounds are not healed; the town is still divided. But there are efforts of citizens and local government toward building inter-ethnic trust, blossoming the promise of inspiration and hope. Continue reading Pax Christi International