Budi aktivna i djelujBelievers for Peace, a group of Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox, and Protestants from Southeast Europe which promotes peacebuilding and a culture of nonviolence based on their faith, issues a call for action as we enter 2015.

Over the last year we have observed with concern the rising number of examples of intolerance towards followers of Islam which is presented as resistance to terrorism most clearly expressed through the spread of the so-called Islamic State.  Continue reading

4th International Peace Week in Sanski Most

Mrs. Amra Pandžo, director of the Association “Small Steps”, will be attending as a lecturer on the 4th International Peace Week in Sanski Most. The whole program is consisted of many skills and workshops related about peacebuilding. All participants will have chance to improve their knowledge on field of peacebuilding. In the following tekst you can read the whole program of activites: Continue reading

Member of the Small Steps on the Radio station Vogošća

At the 7th of December the members of the Small Steps, Muamera Sulejmanović and Dženan Karač, have been attending and talking on the radio station Vogošća, about Human Rights. The program has been realized by the women’s educational center Kevser, and the main topic was International Human Rights Day on 10th of December. The activists were talking about implementation and respecting of the Human Rights in Bosnian society, their activities in Small Steps, and the future plans of the organization. Continue reading

Forum “The Bridge of Friendship”

Our organization has been invited to become a member of new forum named “The Bridge ofFriendship” with other organizations from region (which have common goals on field of peace building and nonviolent communication). Association for Tolerance Bačka Palanka from Srbija, Association “LUČ” for Dialogue and Nonviolence Berak from Croatia, and two organizations from our country “Living Together” Association of Citizens of Derventa and Association for Dialogue in Family and Society “Small Steps” from Sarajevo participated in this forum. Continue reading

Reconciliation and Trust Building in Bosnia-Herzegovina

This month in Sarajevo, Center for Empirical Research on Religion Bosnia and Herzegovinatogether with The University of Edinburg organized a round table on topic of Reconciliationand Trust Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The professors of the universities from ourregion and from other European universities gave a speech about this topic and contributedin process of Reconciliation and Trust Building in our country. The main goal of theconference was evaluation of the report from four regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina: BanjaLuka, Bugojno, Mostar and Sarajevo. Continue reading

Women Peacebuilders

The third workshop held in Bijelina on 26 April focused on Nobel peace prize winner Wangari Muta Maathai, Kenyan environmentalist and poliltician, with 15-20 women the women’s organization Lara. The workshop included considering the roles of victim, victimizer and observer and other simulations to consider the capacity of the individual to cooperate creatively and to resist violence.   Continue reading

Conflict and the Potential for Pluralism – Analysing the Use and Misuse of Religion

European Project Interreligious Learning’s – In Zenica on 10 May, Small Steps’ Amra Pandžo and Julianne Funk Deckard participated the European Project Interreligious Learning’s (EPIL)  session on “Conflict and the Potential for Pluralism – Analysing the Use and Misuse of Religion”. Amra was both facilitator of the session with 40 women from Switzerland, Lebanon, Austria, the Netherlands, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, plus 12 Bosnian and Herzegovinian women peacemakers. Continue reading

Women Peacebuilders

Using the new book, Graditeljice Mira (Women Peacebuilders) about women who won the Nobel peace prize, Mali Koraci is leading workshops with teachers, NGO staff and youth in four locations in BiH. The workshops take themes from the Nobel prizewinners’ lives and teach related skills. The book is made up of chapters about each of the 15 women and concludes with eight workshops written by Amra Pandžo. Amra and Julianne Funk Deckard are implementing these workshops in April 2012 in Livno, Banja Luka, Bijelina and Tuzla. All workshops are implemented in cooperation with TPO Foundation.

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