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The Sarajevan Interfaith Experience

On Friday, June 15, the Mali Koraci team had the privilege of introducing 29 American students on a study abroad program to Sarajevo, its history, and its religious diversity. The study abroad program is hosted by our friends Petra and James Taylor at the European Center for the Study of War and Peace (ECSWP). The students came from Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts and Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, and after spending their first day with us, they will spend another month in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina for their studies.

ECSWP interfaith exp 2

As an introduction, Amra Pandžo shared her experience of the siege of Sarajevo, as well as her transformation after the war when she began to engage in peace work. Then the students went on a short visit to three of Sarajevo’s traditional holy sites, including the Emperor’s mosque, the Church of St. Anthony, and the Old Orthodox Church, which the students visited the following day.

Careva dzamija

Most of the students entered a mosque for the first time when they visited the Emperor’s Mosque. It was also their first experience learning about how Muslims pray. Some of the students observed the prayers, while others participated in the prayers together with the Muslims in attendance.

In the Church of St. Anthony, Fra Marinko Pejić shared about the Sarajevan tradition, in which people from every religion would pray at the Old Orthodox Church, the Church of St. Anthony, and the Tomb of the Seven Brothers, giving the same amount of money as a voluntary contribution at each holy site, in the hopes of having their prayers answered. He went on to describe how each house of prayer is open to people of every faith, when they need a quiet place to come and pray. He concluded that we all worship the one God, even though we understand God and worship him differently.

Sarajevo’s interfaith experience is fascinating for many visitors, because the history of mutual respect, collaboration, and love between people of different religious communities is unique and offers a hopeful perspective about how people are interconnected, regardless of their religion or nationality.



Budi aktivna i djelujBelievers for Peace, a group of Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox, and Protestants from Southeast Europe which promotes peacebuilding and a culture of nonviolence based on their faith, issues a call for action as we enter 2015.

Over the last year we have observed with concern the rising number of examples of intolerance towards followers of Islam which is presented as resistance to terrorism most clearly expressed through the spread of the so-called Islamic State.  Continue reading BE ACTIVE AND ACT!

4th International Peace Week in Sanski Most

Mrs. Amra Pandžo, director of the Association “Small Steps”, will be attending as a lecturer on the 4th International Peace Week in Sanski Most. The whole program is consisted of many skills and workshops related about peacebuilding. All participants will have chance to improve their knowledge on field of peacebuilding. In the following tekst you can read the whole program of activites: Continue reading 4th International Peace Week in Sanski Most

Member of the Small Steps on the Radio station Vogošća

At the 7th of December the members of the Small Steps, Muamera Sulejmanović and Dženan Karač, have been attending and talking on the radio station Vogošća, about Human Rights. The program has been realized by the women’s educational center Kevser, and the main topic was International Human Rights Day on 10th of December. The activists were talking about implementation and respecting of the Human Rights in Bosnian society, their activities in Small Steps, and the future plans of the organization. Continue reading Member of the Small Steps on the Radio station Vogošća

List of donors 2012

Dear partner, we announce new Directory of donors, which donate grants for projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We found a huge number of them, which are unknown in our country, although most have particular field for supporting. We hope that you will find some of them from the list below, which is able to support your projects. Small Steps wish you successful realize of your project.

Mreza za izgradnju mira, Direktorij donatora, januar 2012

Human Rights Day 2011

Members of the Small Steps congratulate all those who promote and improve Human Rights in their communities, and today together with millions of people around the world we celebrate Human Rights Day 2011. As association for dialogue and peacebuilding in family and society, the Small Steps will continue to promote and improve the equality and the highest values of society and Human Rights as well, in order to show that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is enough space for everyone who wants to live with respecting equality and right to other and different.

Learning from the Experts

Julianne F. DeckardPlease find the new article ‘Learning from the Experts’ by Small Steps’ volunteer staff member Julianne Funk Deckard about her work with our organization. This article was published in Bosnian language in the December 2011 Peace Newsletter (Mirovne Novosti), of the Network for Peacebuilding (Mreža za Izgradnju Mira) Julianne F. Deckard talks about her experience and new knowledge gained, during her volunteering in Small Steps.

I am one of the many foreigners to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina and get hooked. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of us have innocently visited this small and unassuming country in the last twenty years and found ourselves hopelessly drawn in. When people ask us what is it about Bosnia-Herzegovina that is so enticing, we find it very hard to provide a satisfactory answer.

Continue reading Learning from the Experts